BOMAG’s new asphalt paver range

BOMAG is launching its new range of asphalt pavers, which benefit from the latest technology. The new generation of universal and highway class pavers from BOMAG are equipped with the company’s Advanced Pave system, a digital co-pilot for pavers
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / June 23, 2021
One of the key developments for the new BOMAG pavers is the new electronic side-mounted control panel
One of the key developments for the new BOMAG pavers is the new electronic side-mounted control panel

The BF 600 C-3, BF 600 P-3, BF 700 C-3 and BF 800 C-3 models are now being offered worldwide with the Advanced Pave digital assistance system as well as the new electronic side-mounted control panel. An improved dashboard with a full graphic display is also fitted, helping improve operation.

BOMAG’s latest generation pavers offer higher performance due to improved control systems
One of the key developments for the new BOMAG pavers is the new electronic side-mounted control panel

The digital co-pilot allows the operator to control the machine efficiently, boosting productivity and allowing asphalt paving to be completed quickly. Control units set in the armrests provide the operator with all important functions to hand, allowing a greater concentration on paving work. The ergonomic swivel seat and unobstructed visibility over the hopper as well as to the screed edges help optimise working. The travel joystick is located on the armrest and also controls the hopper wings and front gate. As an option, dashboard position can be adjusted allowing the operator to keep it in view in all working situations.  Construction progress is documented as the pavers transmit data in real time to the digital site management system via BOMAG JOBLINK.

The new Advanced Pave digital assistance system is said to support the operator during complex tasks. This digital assistance system allows the operator to view machine and process functions on the display and to make adjustments as required. Offering pre-programmed and individual settings, Advanced Pave automates recurring, complex set-up procedures. This saves time when configuring the machine to suit each application. In addition, it makes it easier to reproduce the same quality with proven settings, regardless of the operator, as they can be recalled from the machine’s memory.

The operator selects the required paving layer and the system then adjusts the optimum machine settings for the conveyor belt, augers, screed temperature and tamper and vibration frequency.

With the A-Pave Set system, the machine can be set to either transport or working mode quickly. The screed, levelling cylinder and spreading auger can be set in position using the system, ensuring that the machine is ready for operation or loading quickly. The firm says that the A-Pave Start also plans ahead when starting or interrupting the work process and the screed is automatically unloaded, locked and returned to floating position.

Controls are mounted in the seat armrests for easier operation
Controls are mounted in the seat armrests for easier operation

With the new electronic side-mounted control panel, BOMAG also provides the side operator with all the relevant information on paving process and machine settings in real time. The material calculator predicts the material requirements for a job and indicates the quantity of material already installed. The levelling controller is also integrated. The operator can view the setting of cross slope and crown profile over a defined distance using the automatic profile system. The operator can view the crown profile, auger mount, tamper frequency or vibration using the side-mounted display. For more control over paving, material temperature can be monitored with an optional sensor.

Proven functions are also found in the third generation machines, such as the patented Sideview design, with laterally sliding driver’s stand for visibility. The innovative BOMAG MAGMALIFE screed heating system features heating rods cast in aluminium that ensure rapid heating and homogeneous heat distribution, as well as extended service life for the heating elements. Meanwhile, the Quick Coupling system is said to help ensure fast set-up times.

The third-generation BOMAG Universal and Highway pavers also offer versatility for a range of paving widths, with basic screeds available from 2.55-5m or 3-6m. The BF 600 C-3 is designed for paving widths up to a maximum of 8m, BF 700 C-3 up to 9m and BF 800 C-3 up to 10m. The third-generation machines are powered by six-cylinder Deutz diesels rated at 116kW in the BF 600 C-3, 129kW in the BF 600 P-3 and BF 700 C-3, and 140kW in the BF 800 C-3. The diesels can specified for either the Stage IIIa/TIER 3 or Stage V/TIER 4 Final emissions requirements, depending on the needs of the sales region. Sophisticated engine and hydraulics control systems are also said to ensure optimised fuel consumption and low noise output, while the BOMAG ECOMODE system adapts the hydraulic power to the working demand. 

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