New interchanges and bridge link planned for Russia

New interchanges and a new bridge link are planned for Russia.
Road Structures / November 24, 2021 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New road and bridges works are planned in Russia - image courtesy of © Stamena Slavova,
A new bridge project is planned for Russia’s Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, KhMAO (Urals). The bridge will be the second to span the River Ob and its construction is expected to cost US$886.6 million. A loan of $196.4 million is being sought by the local authorities to help fund the work.

Meanwwhile, there are plans to construct three new interchanges in Pyatigorsk, North Caucasus in Russia by 2030, as well as to rebuild the Beshtaugorskoye Highway and carry out essential maintenance. The work is expected to cost nearly $73 million.

The first of the interchanges will provide a new connection between Pyatigorsk and the Beshtaugorskoye Highway and should be complete by 2024. A new interchange will connect Yermolova Street with Begovaya Street and Ippodromnaya Street, which should be complete by 2030. The third interchange will provide an improved connection between Mira Street and Kalinina Prospekt, which also should be complete by 2030.