New Dubai bridge complete

A new landmark Dubai bridge link is now complete.
Road Structures / January 19, 2022 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The new Infinity Bridge in Dubai was built by the BESIX Group and provides an important transport link
The BESIX Group has completed the construction of the landmark Infinity Bridge in Dubai. The work was carried out by the firm’s Middle East subsidiary Six Construct for its client, the Dubai Road & Transport Authority (RTA).

The new bridge is 295m in length and connecting the Al Shindagha and Al Ras districts, carrying six traffic lanes in either direction as well as featuring facilities for pedestrians. The bridge deck is 15.5m high above the Dubai Creek at its mid-point and features a 42m high steel arch designed to represent the symbol for infinity from which it gets its name.

The construction of the bridge deck was completed in just eight months, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This was made possible by precise planning and construction methods adapted to the infrastructure and its environment according to the firm. For example, the team was able to reduce the time needed to cast bridge segments from an initial 10 days to just six days.

The construction of the Infinity Bridge forms part of the infrastructure development of Shindagha, one of the oldest districts in Dubai. This large-scale project led by the RTA will improve the flow of traffic. As part of the Shindagha Corridor Improvement project, BESIX Group is currently building two flyover bridges, a one-lane ramp and a two-lane tunnel at the Falcon Junction. The first fly-over, by-passing the busy junction, required for the first phase of the corridor opening through the Infinity Bridge, was completed in the first week of January 2022.
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