Spot on with Trimble’s X7 3D scanner

The X7 solution was jointly developed by Trimble and Boston Dynamics.
Measurement, Survey, Design & Software / November 25, 2021 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Autonomous surveying and scanning is possible using the new package from Trimble
Autonomous surveying and scanning is possible using the new package from Trimble

Remote surveying and scanning can be achieved using the autonomous robotic system available from Trimble. The package combines the Spot robot autonomous rover unit with the Trimble X7 3D laser scanner and Trimble FieldLink software.

This solution has been jointly developed between Trimble and Boston Dynamics and allows autonomous operation on construction sites. The system takes advantage of the robot's ability to navigate challenging, dynamic and potentially unsafe environments. Trimble's 3D data capture technology can deliver a continuous flow of information between the field and the office for documentation of jobsite progress.

The innovative package allows users to make important decisions, rather than waiting for the information to be relayed to project staff. The integration is focused on the automated capture of field construction data through the use of Trimble 3D capture technology and the Spot robot. The autonomous workflow for the X7 laser scanner uses fully integrated Spot robot controls in FieldLink software to create a predefined path of waypoints for Spot to follow and collect laser scans.

Laser scans collected using the X7 scanner and the Spot robot can be tied to a jobsite project coordinate system, as well as individual scan stations. The data is collected, and then made into a composite point cloud in real-time on the Trimble tablet controller before leaving the site. While performing autonomous operations, Spot's docking station enables in-field charging of batteries on both the robot and the X7 3D laser scanner, and also provides the continuous transfer of data through a Gigabit Ethernet connection to the office.

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